CH3 - CH2 - OH

It is known as alcohol to the chemical compound ethanol also named as ethyl alcohol. It is a colorless and flammable liquid, whose boiling point is 78ºC.

The chemical formula of the ethyl alcohol is CH3-CH2-OH. This compound is used to make alcoholic beverages, which, in many instances, are also known simply as alcohol.

Crude Alcohol is obtained from by-products of vinification (Orujos y Lías), used for industrial use.

Neutral alcohol, derived from wine or wine by-products, with an alcoholic strength of 96-96.5 °, is intended for the manufacture of beverages.

Distilled Alcohol: It comes from wines as raw material, with a graduation of 94-95º. At the organoleptic level is characterized by its herbaceous odors, due to its high concentration in various compounds. Mixed with the Schnapps and holandas is used for the manufacture of Schnapps.

Spirits and Holandas: Originating from wines, with an alcoholic graduation between 60-85º, they are used in the elaboration of Schnapps after its aging in oak vats. The organoleptic analysis is very varied:

Schnapps 54º: It reminds much of the wine used as a raw material, it has a great body and structure.

Schnapps 77º: It is a Schnapps with a very good balance between wine and limpidity.

Holandas de Columna: They are similar to the aguardiente with something more of body and roundness.

Holandas of simple distillation: They differ from the Holandas of column for having an even more vinous character.

Holanda double distillation: Vinosa, fruity, round and little herbaceous.