Several generations dedicated to Wine

The passage of time has led our family to become part of a History within the World of Viticulture and Winemaking for years.

Fidel Gala has studied oenology at the School of Viticulture and Enology of Requena, in order to offer a better knowledge of the product and its traceability from grapes to wine.

Despite a great admiration and respect for oenology, we have focused more on the commercial field, since it is this that forms the basis of our origins within the sector, dedicating ourselves completely to the purchase-sale, intermediation of musts -wines-alcohols throughout the national and foreign.

With a great dedication and discipline of work we have managed to gain the trust of our clients thanks to which we are one of the most recognized companies of the Country as commercial agents.

In 1998 we proposed to introduce ourselves in the foreign market, in order to expand our client portfolio. We started working in nearby countries obtaining pleasant results.

We started to export musts and wines; Is for all that reason why our family along with a large number of collaborators and friends continues to fight every day with the purpose of reaching new objectives.

Thank you for the gesture you have had by visiting our website.

Sincerely, Fidel Gala