Internal Market

Throughout the year and prior to the harvesting campaign of the harvests in different areas of the peninsula, we monitor the evolution of the grape along with our suppliers.

In this way, once the campaign arrives, we know in general terms the quality of the grapes, from which we will obtain the must, either for sale to our customers in a fresh or sulfur state, or we continue their development during the fermentation process , And once this is finished, we are insitu, and from the same warehouse we make the samples for the shipment to our customers.

60% of our customers are spread throughout the country, which facilitates relationships, thanks to daily contact, allowing us to be more efficient in our operations, and a great agility to manage any kind of doubt or problem.

Our company is dedicated exclusively to bulk, whether grapes, musts, wines or spirits.

When it comes to wort or wine, these are served in tanker trucks, for grapes we use refrigerated trucks, in case they go in boxes, if they go in bulk we use the aluminum tub with capacities between 15,000kg and 25,000 Kg.

The transport of the grape never lasts more than 24 hours, in order that the fruit reaches its destination with the optimal quality for its elaboration or consumption.

In some cases we directly manage the transport with the purpose of giving a better service to our customers, which can be by boat or by tank. Transportation is done by road, by tanker trucks within the national territory and in some cases also for exports.

The tanks may be of normal or isothermal stainless steel.